How to pick a car service!

 Finding a great car service can be a difficult challenge. Most companies claim to provide dependable transportation, but in reality, their service is marginal at best.  In order to provide reliable transportation, companies should meet a specific set of criteria.


Driver Pool

Unlike the starving actors driving on the weekends, the best drivers are career chauffeurs who take tremendous pride in their profession. In general, theses drivers are educated, reliable, experienced, and very well paid.  Career drives provide transportation for decision-makers and are often responsible for million dollar accounts. Most importantly, they’re consistent and do perfect pick-ups day in and day out.  When it comes to luxury car service, the equation is simple:  the limousine service with the best chauffeurs is the best limousine service.

When setting up and account, inquire about driver tenure.  Ask if you are able to request a particular driver and what percent gratuity they receive.  The best drivers demand 20% gratuity on the base rate.  If the driver gratuity isn’t included on the bill or it’s categorized as a “service charge”, move on to another service.  More than likely the driver is being cheated and you’re dealing with a disreputable company.  Remember the best drivers go where they are paid the most.

Fleet Makeup

Sedans are the heart and soul of car service airport fleets.  A Corporate limousine service should consist of Lincoln Town Cars with a few stretches and SUV’s in the mix.  Always insist on well-maintained late model sedans with a minimum 1 million dollar insurance policy.

Back Office Support

An efficient back office is vital to reliable service.  A company that specializes in airport work should have a backup generator on location and secure servers for client data.  It should also have a dispatch and reservation system with the capability to email confirmations immediately after the reservation is complete.  Dispatchers should be available around the clock and the company should be a part of an affiliate network that allows clients to book worldwide travel through a single phone number.

For larger accounts, the car service should offer corporate billing and detailed invoices. Each invoice should have a list of completed runs with the reservation number, passenger name, date, origin, destination, and time.  With this data, runs can be verified and corrected.

Licenses and Associations

Every limousine service should be fully permitted according to local market ordinances.  Permits are issued by the counties, cities, airports and sea ports and allow a limo company to legally operate.  In addition, a reputable company should belong to an association such as the National Limousine Association as well as local limousine industry associations.  Finally, check with the Better Business Bureau for past complaints regarding your prospective limo service.

Years in Business

Services with some track record are usually better than start-ups.  If you do run across a new business, ask about the operator’s background.  Some of the finest boutique companies are relatively new but are operated by managers and drivers with years of limousine experience.


Every car should have commercial vehicle insurance.  Town Cars are required to have a minimum of $750,000 in liability coverage.  For large corporate clients searching for a new service, ask what commercial insurance company they are with and the name and phone number of their agent to verify coverage. 

Live Inspection

Check out the stretch limo in person.  If the vehicle isn’t available, ask the company to email photos.  It’s important to inspect the vehicle and verify the make, model, and amenities inside the limousine.


One of the best ways to find a good limo service is through work of mouth.  If a friend has used a company on multiple occasions and is happy with the service, use this company.   Above all else, trustworthy first hand referrals are the best way to select a limousine company.

Hours of Operation

Someone should be able to take your call 24 hours a day.  If you’re dealing with a limo service that handles airport transfers, dispatchers should answer your call around the clock.  If the company’s primary business is weddings, proms, and nights out on the town, an overnight emergency number is acceptable.  No matter the situation, your limousine service should always be accessible.

Driver Screening

By law in order to get a Hack License to drive a for-hire vehicle, any chauffeur hired by a limo service must have a background check and have a physical. In most counties, their Hack License must be in plain view when you are inside the vehicle or the driver is meeting you at the airport.   In addition to these safeguards, drivers should have clean driving records and be familiar with the company’s service area. When interviewing a prospective company, ask if what Hack Licenses their drivers are required to have.


When searching for car service, most people want the absolute lowest price.  From Celebrities to CEO’s, everybody wants a cheap limo.  Actually, celebrities want everything for free, but that’s another story.  When it comes to limousine service, you should keep two things in mind.  First make sure you’re pricing out equal services.  Although the product may be the same, a lot of money goes into the back office of a quality service.  This includes experienced chauffeurs, background checks, vehicle maintenance liability insurance, 24 hour dispatch, protected credit card data, and account managers.  It’s ok to go for the deal, just make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Second, always keep in mind that the drivers take a percentage of the run.  If you price a corporate sedan way too low, the savings you receive may sacrifice quality.  Every company wants a cheap limo, but if you go too cheap, the quality career drivers will avoid your account!Finding a great car service can be a difficult challenge. Most companies claim to provide dependable transportation, but in reality, their service is marginal at best.  In order to provide reliable transportation, companies should meet a specific set of criteria.